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What we do!How INATA benefits you

INATA (Intelligent Algorithmic Trading Assistant) is a customer centric online investment platform which does financial trading like an expert human trader. Just login, place an investment and sit back. The AI trades on your behalf completely, while the platform manages the financial risk and returns the trading profit promptly. INATA is a fully online digital platform where you can secure and grow your savings.

  • Fully automated.
  • Ultra simple and convenient to use.
  • Commission free up-till returns of 6% per annum.
  • Performance bonus from surplus yield.

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What makes us different!Product Features

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Transparent view of the trading activity done with your money

INATA:Pro Digital

Pro Digital

Access your account through Web, Mobile ( Android & iOS ) , Voice or Chat interfaces

INATA:Savings Platform

Savings Platform

Entrust your hard-earned funds with us for reaping a fixed income stream

INATA:AI Technology

AI Tech

Enabled with the most recent advancements in information technology


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